Who We Are

Briggs Design Associates in North Barrington, Illinois specializes in building spaces carefully designed to the needs and routines of every client. They focus on all things residential, specializing in remodeling. They are experienced in developing and creating designs for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms, libraries, vaulted ceilings, and home additions, including coordinating and installing custom cabinetry, mill work, lighting design, complex countertops, tile installation, and much more.

They have also created their own line of cabinetry with endless variations, handcrafted with care by an Amish cabinet maker in central Illinois. In addition to the attention to detail and beautiful design, Briggs Design is able to find solutions for any space to meet there customers’ needs.

Kerry Briggs has spent her career in architectural design focused on her customers’ specific needs all the while creating beautiful, functional home spaces. Kerry has over 30 years of professional expertise under her belt and thrives on the creative freedom that comes with architectural design.

Kerry grew up in Colorado and studied architectural engineering at the University of Colorado, where she met her husband, John Briggs, also an architectural engineer in the same program.  John grew up in the Midwest and attended Barrington High School. The two married shortly after graduating college.

The Briggs have lived and strengthened their careers working in major cities including New York City, Denver, Los Angeles and Chicago. In New York, Kerry worked for the esteemed firms of David Anthony Easton, and Eric J. Smith, Architect.  This firm has been a long-time champion of classical architecture, and took Kerry far beyond simply designing for function, exposing her to the importance of balance, form, proportion, and details, all needed to create a timeless design. John enjoyed working on a great variety of projects including libraries, grand lobby spaces, the Statue of Liberty Island, and the exterior lighting for many iconic skyscrapers.  

Starting their own company together was always a natural conclusion to their shared passion for design, so in 2005, they started Briggs Design Associates, designing homes for Chicagoans.  They have designed and remodeled many, many homes across the Chicago metro area, as well as in other parts of the country. While Kerry focuses on design, function and ergonomics, John, a trained and certified lighting professional, develops the lighting and lighting control plans and helps manage the business.