Lighting Design Services

Broad range of lighting experience

Our experience extends across many different residential styles - modern and traditional, ranging from urban to suburban, hi-rise apartments to suburban homes (including a palace!), including all types of spaces, kitchens, dining areas, home theaters, swimming pools and sport courts.

Working directly with our clients, or in collaboration with architects, interior designers and general contractors, Briggs Design Associates will develop complete lighting concepts for the whole residence or for any particular room or space, respecting the architecture, styling and client's vision.

Visibility is important to us. We design according to the Illuminating Engineer Society’s
(IES) current illuminance (light level) recommendations.  As we age, our eyes age as well, and we need more better quality lighting to see.  We also believe in providing for flexibility given the comingling of electric light and daylight during a typical day and across the change of seasons.  

Our standard design documentation includes complete lighting/controls layouts, detailed specifications, suitable for installation by a llicensed electrician.


Full Project or Consulting Arrangements

Lighting Fixtures Layout, Wiring and Controls. Shop Drawings.

Based on an accepted conceptual proposal, Briggs Design Associates will create a complete lighting plan, showing exact locations for each fixture and how they are grouped for switching or dimming, including recessed downlights, decorative pendants, under- and over-cabinet fixtures, track lighting, etc

Lighting Design for Coves, Niches, Architectural Elements, and Art Work Installations.

For most projects, besides providing solutions for general illuminations, we work on custom architectural details such as ceiling coves, wall niches, as well as accent lighting solutions for art work, including paintings, sculptures, unique architectural elements and furniture.

Detailed Specification for Lighting Fixtures. Project Budgeting.

Based on accepted design proposal, Briggs Design Associates will create complete ordering specifications for all lighting fixtures, lamps, dimming and control systems, and lighting accessories. Prior to specification of the fixtures we can present different products budget options to the client for approval.

Site Visits. Construction Revision

We understand, that during the construction, some elements of the project can change, affecting original design. We provide on-going construction support and appropriate solutions if such construction issues arise.

Aiming and Focusing for Accent Lighting.

Accent fixtures use interchangeable lighting accessories that, if correctly specified and installed, will dramatically change the performance of the fixture. As a part of our full project option we include specification of lamps and accessories in the initial design package, but with artwork, or with interior elements, that can be installed later in a process, we would recommend Briggs Design Associates Aiming Services. When construction is complete and all artwork is in place, we will adjust and focus accent lighting fixtures for the best lighting performance for each particular installation.

Lighting Scenes and Dimming Levels.

As a part of our full project services or as an option under consulting services, we work with our clients to set up different lighting levels and scenes for the whole house or just for particular room(s).

Flexible Delivery.

For projects that do not require detailed design development, Briggs Design Associates offers consulting services that could provide design options similar to full project services but with more flexibility in delivery. With full project services, we can tailor our services to meet the requirements of both the client and all other design teams' concerns to achieve the desired solution with the most efficient project development process.