I have spent 30 years in residential architecture and design and I am about to embark on my biggest project….mine!

We moved to North Barrington exactly 14 years ago where we found a beautiful neighborhood, in a great school district and a not so perfect house on a very lovely lot.  The house is an early 60s split-level shabby (and not so chic) brick house that had seen very little renovation in its first 40 years. For me, it was not love at first sight, however, we succumbed to the cries coming from this ugly duckling, “help me, please, help me!”, and with some trepidation and great imagination, we vowed to fix her up.

I wanted to write this blog to chronicle our journey in our, hopefully final, renovation on this house.  I want to share our experiences with several different people:

  • First:  for my future clients.  I hope this experience will make me a better designer, one with a greater depth of first hand experience to guide them through the maze of design and construction.
  • Second:  for my current clients.  I hope to be very empathetic as we find ourselves in the same boat.
  • And finally:  This is especially for my parents who live in Jacksonville, Florida.  I know they would have loved to be here to follow the daily progress.  So even if I do not post every day, they will stay current on the progress.  I credit my mom for the artistic talent I inherited. In high school she received a scholarship to take classes at the Art Institute of Chicago.  She would take the bus downtown from her home on west 51st street to attend the classes on Saturday mornings.  Due to life’s circumstances beyond her control, she did not have the opportunity to pursue her talent any further.  She would have made a great interior designer!  I credit my dad for my love of building houses.  He used to stop the car at any new construction site and we would trespass after hours to wander around a newly framed structure trying to figure out what the rooms were to become.  He was very active in finding me drafting jobs during summers and Christmas breaks during college.  He kept me supplied with all the necessary tools when we used to draft by hand.